Types of Affiliate Links and How They Work

Looking at types of affiliate links

Different types of Affiliate links can help a business grow, and increase sales. These links can also help the affiliates themselves. This type of marketing is beneficial for all parties involved and is one of the best ways to generate traffic and sales aside from specifically created tools for finding affiliates.

In this article, you will learn about the types of affiliate links and how they are used, so you can implement them in your affiliate programs and grow your business.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy in which companies use third parties to promote and advertise their product or service. These strategies generate a profit for the company and for the third party that makes the “sale”.

This type of marketing is high-performance and is one of the most widely used today. In addition, it generates rapid growth for companies.

How affiliate marketing works

There are three simple steps in this marketing which, if followed and achieved, generate high performance and, therefore, sales.

  1. Affiliate links are provided: this is usually done through content creators, who share these links in the form of a recommendation or review to their virtual communities.
  2. Clicking on links: when people who follow content creators are interested in something they advertise, they click on the links they share and are redirected to the websites. This is when companies track the affiliate’s data and whether the purchase is made or not.
  3. The affiliate is credited and paid: depending on the agreement made, affiliates will receive earnings for each click, for a certain number of clicks, or a sale made. This is the final step, where both parties generate profits.

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links are URLs that have a unique code that manages to track clicks and clicks made to the affiliate.

For them, an affiliate can receive a commission on sales made, which can be measured by the number of clicks and purchases made by customers within their audience.

Types of Affiliate Links

There are three main types of affiliate links, which are used in specific ways depending on what is required. These two are based on text, images, and videos; in this section, we will explain them.

Text links

These links are added to the textual content and can be viewed as normal links. They are clickable and usually consist of brand names or some combination of words that refer to the content of the link.

Image links

Affiliate links can also be embedded in images. These often appear on blogs, websites, and all over the Internet, usually under the name of advertisements. They can also be included as an image in a text, to accompany it and make the link more visible.

Video links

Unlike the previous ones, these links are not placed in the video itself, but are added in the description at the bottom of the videos. Normally, platforms such as YouTube are used to do this, although there are others that can be used.

Additional types of Affiliate Links and Affiliate Marketing


Here the connection is made through influencers in the area of interest. They can be influencers, influential people within the industry, or experts in the area. All of these generate trust in people so that the links they share generate more traffic and thus increase sales.


Similar to the previous one, blogs are good places to get affiliates. A blogger can include in his posts or reviews, and even on his home page, different links that will redirect people to your website. This results in traffic, visibility, and sales.

Search tools

Companies often pay for clicks, and to appear at the top of users’ searches. This works because people tend to see the first results. Also, with this type of link, websites can track where people were redirected from.

Review sites

Reviews are a great way to create affiliate links. If you get someone who reviews products or services that are associated with your niche, you can negotiate for this person to embed an affiliate link in their review or future articles.

These sites are usually reliable as they do a review of what is being offered and thus give an honest opinion about it.

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